Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Houska Castle…The Gateway to HELL?

In a land far, far away from here, in the Czech Republic, is a castle. This castle is known as Houska Castle.

When I think of Castles, I think of a place where kings and queens lived. Castles are supposed to be enchanting, right?

Traditionally, a castle served as fortresses; a military institution as protection from an enemy. Castles usually have a motte, which is a mound or ditch filled with water to keep unwanted visitors from entering, and other types of protection. Many castles are built by large bodies of water, near mountains, and other places of protection.

Houska Castle is not an ordinary castle. You see, this castle is hidden far away from a water source and is surrounded by forest and sandstone mountains. This castle was built using Gothic architecture, in 1253-1278 during the reign of Ottokar II of Bohemia. It is definitely one of the best preserves castles out there for its age. This castle was not built to keep unwanted visitors away; it was built to keep the unwanted and evil INSIDE and locked away. It is also built over a well that is reported to be bottomless and also serves as a gateway to HELL. Many investigators who have tried to find the bottom to this well have not been able to. The walls surrounding the chapel above this well are covered with paintings of dragons being slain. The walls are always wet, and there have been claims of demonic activity in the chapel, as well as screams and moans coming from the bottomless pit below, which is why this castle is said to be a gateway to Hell.

Here are some claims made by people who have visited this place. (I pulled this from a website, so check out the link)

People over the years have claimed to see something in the area of the chapel that looks like a cross between a human, a giant frog and a bulldog. They say you can see thru it and it can be heard growling. It’s said when you hear it growl that you are filled with a sense of great fear.

Just outside the front gates people claim to see a giant headless black horse running around dropping great drops of blood from its neck. It is said to run towards the front of the castle and jump into the air and vanish.

People have also claimed to see a line of people chained together walking towards the castle gates and each person chained to the chain has a horrific injury. Some people are said to be carrying their heads or other body parts. A giant black dog is said to be attacking and biting the people on the chain. Then their will be a flash of lighting and a ghoulish laugh and the chain of people and the black dog will vanish.

A beautiful young woman in a beautiful white dress is seen often walking in windows looking outside. No one knows who she is but she appears to be the most normal of all the ghosts in and around the castle.

The mad monk is said to haunt the Chapel. He is wearing simple brown robes and he attacks you with a ghostly axe that goes thru you but doesn't injure you. It has really scared many people over the years. Some have run out of the castle swearing to never return to the castle for any reason.

If you want to learn more about this cool place, check out this episode of Ghost Hunters International on Hulu. It aired in July, and it was the inspiration for this blog post.

If the link above does not work, go to hulu.com, look up Ghost Hunters International, and look for the "Gates of Hell" episode. It is pretty spooky!! If you have seen this, let me know what you thought about GHI's investigation and their findings...

Tell me, what do you think? Do you think a gateway to Hell actually exists? Could there be more gateways to Hell?


  1. COOL. I love Ghost Hunters, although I haven't gotten into the international one. The team just doesn't seem as interesting as the team on the American one but maybe it's just because that's what I'm used to?

  2. It could be that you are used to the American crew (and I love them, too), but the international investigations really intrigue me because there is more history behind the places they go to. I saw this on Hulu last week and I was like, "Wow, I wonder if there is a gateway to hell in America?" I think I am gonna research it and see. :)

  3. This was a well written blog. Very interesting that nobody has seemed to find the bottom of this well. You think with the technology available today, someone would have been able to detect it.

  4. Hmmmm, this is SJV. As you know, I am a skeptic. I watched the video and was very unconvinced that what they showed as evidence was really evidence. For instance, the guy throwing the rock and suddenly hearing the noise. It could have been a result of throwing the rock. It could have caused something to fall.

    Thanks for an interesting blog though. I definitely would like ot see some convincing evidence, but I remain a skeptic.

    Take Care,

  5. great work on this keep it up i do believe in paranormal stuff and beings because there are so many deminsions in this world that you just gotta believe ur not the only ones here especially around halloween time

  6. I prefer GHI because like Scary Kitteh said there is more history about the places and I think they are more creepier than the one's in the US. I would love for them to get a picture of an actual spirit(s) for us to see to prove more so that a place is haunted. Even try to get some really clear voices that give a really good answer.

  7. I Love GHI, wish I could be apart of it!! Did you happen to see the GHI when they got a photo of the little boy in the glass reflection?? That is just amazing to me!

  8. I am a necromancer from California, i would love to go there and interact with the demons, even if they tear me apart! I just want to see if the after life and demons exist!!!

  9. So I went to Housca Castle, What I noticed that there were voodoo stick, now mostly seen in south america and hawaii, that keeps evil away, but what i noticed that they were all around the castle and facing the castle, indicating no evil leaves.

  10. I would like to go down the well

  11. I have began my own investigations locally to prove to myself weather or not to believe. My findings have made me want to proceed. I am in the process of writing a book about my experiences. I would love to one day be able to investigate Houska Castle and have a detailed investigation of my own.

  12. I am heading to houska castle this weekend of Oct 26th. Ask me your questions and I will do my best to document everything. Email me at rickbag101@gmail.com. I am a US soldier so I am going preparred to hike and stay the night in the nearby woods.

    1. How did your visit go and did you get any good results?? I will be visiting soon and trying to organise an overnight stay